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Artist:The Only Ones
Label:  CBS
Catalogue:S CBS 6228
Date:14 Apr 1978
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Community:33 Own, 4 Want
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AThe Only OnesAnother Girl, Another PlanetPeter PerrettThe Only Ones9.7  Rate
BThe Only OnesSpecial ViewPeter PerrettThe Only Ones7.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 719


Reginald Fodstain
30th Dec 2015
 One of the best songs ever.

14th Apr 2015
 remarkable this wasn't a hit as it was on the Radio a lot, but only a hit as a later reissue!

9th Apr 2012
 One of my favorite tunes of all time. Mickey, their other stuff is well worth checking out as well.

mickey rat
8th Apr 2012
 Absolute classic. Perfect pop. Still sounds fresh today. I'd be pushed to remember any other tracks by this band but this one song is in my head forever!

8th Apr 2012
 Added label variant scans.

16th Nov 2011
 Wicked record, one of the bestest intros ever!

15th Nov 2011
 Label scans added. One of the best songs ever!

And as there are never enough Only Ones to be heard, even this could be enjoyable

12th Jul 2009
 I bought this from a stall in a market back in the day which sourced a lot of its stock from the surplusses of the local radio station (Hallam). It's possible that Peter P personalised this copy for a DJ - likeliest candidate is Keith Skues.

big swifty
11th Jul 2009
 There were loads of copies at Small Wonder in Walthamstow in 1981. What was unusual is a hole was made through sleeve and label. I have not seen this american method of deletion or cut out applied to a UK record.

Who is Keith?

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