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Record Details

Artist:Rolling Stones
Label:  Rolling Stones
Catalogue:A 6864
Date:Mar 1986
Chart Position:13
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Community:46 Own
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ARolling StonesHarlem ShuffleRelf, NelsonSteve Lillywhite, The Glimmer Twins8.5  Rate
BRolling StonesHad It With YouJagger, Richards, WoodSteve Lillywhite, The Glimmer Twins9.0  Rate


Manufactured and distributed by CBS / Sony and using their catalogue number sequence.


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Dr Doom
18th Jan 2012
 A few of the earliest entries on the website were done using paper discographies (Rotatey Diskers inputed discographies for the top 20 or so 'Major' artists) - they often contain errors like this.

Fixed now and A 6864 should show up on a search now too.

If you spot any other errors like this then please continue to 'Make Correction' - every corrected error improves the website.

: )

18th Jan 2012
 I am relatvely new to this site, and as I work my way through my collection I check the number on my record and compare it to whats been added on here. In this case, no result came back when I inserted the number on my record, so I tried song title to get a hit.
I need to know what number to enter as Ive added about 70 plus entries and dont want to be doing it wrong.
The virgin book says its Rolling Stone Records as on top on the actual record.

18th Jan 2012
 I'd still call it a Rolling Stones label release though, CP, like all the CBS/Sony-era items. The early EMI-distributed Stones label 45s had EMI cat #s, but are still listed under Rolling Stones Records.

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