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Record Details

Artist:The Bliss
Label:  Chapter One
Catalogue:CH 107
Date:6 Jun 1969
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Community:6 Own, 3 Want
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AThe BlissCastles On CastileHurn, Pegg, Berry7.0  Rate
BThe BlissLifetimeHurn, Pegg, Berry8.0  Rate


9th Nov 2013
 stock labels added (with different A side title)

Deepinder Cheema
8th Nov 2013

19th Mar 2012
 Love the 45, any chance there's an unreleased album of 1969 material any of you guys have?!

21st May 2011
 I have both stock and Demo copies of this single and the A side has different titles, although both discs play exactly the same recording. The Demo is entitled "Castles On Castille" (illustrated here) which was, presumably, corrected for the main release, which has the title "Courtyards of Castile." Technical issues prevent me sending a scan at the moment but I'll work on it.

Dr Doom
26th Jan 2011
 Hello Roger and Andy, Welcome to 45cat. I really like your single so let me know if you have a box of them under your bed!

HERE is a link to the Pneumatic Bliss myspace page.

: )

pneumatic bliss
26th Jan 2011
 I'm Roger Hurn. Lifetime was the A side back in the day but, more to the point, our new stuff is well worth checking out because our music has had a lifetime to grow and mature. As Bonny Raitt said: some things just get better with age.

pneumatic bliss
25th Jan 2011
 I am Andy Pegg, and I recorded this single in 1969 with my two friends Roger Hurn and Martin Berry. We have recently started recording together again - see the Myspace page for Pneumatic Bliss.

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