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Label:  Chiswick
Catalogue:CHIS 107
Date:8 Dec 1978
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Community:7 Own, 2 Want
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ADisguiseHey BabyPeter ScottRoger ArmstrongRate
BDisguiseJuvenile DelinquentPeter ScottRoger ArmstrongRate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 753


Number: 833741  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: miner154
Edited By: leonard
Description: A Label Promo

Number: 745090 
Uploaded By: mlgh224
Description: A Side label

Number: 745091 
Uploaded By: mlgh224
Description: B Side Label

Number: 833752 
Uploaded By: miner154
Description: Sleeve front

8th May 2013
 Disguise in love with you...

8th May 2013
 Added A label promo and the company sleeve they came in


5th Apr 2013
 Spent a nice couple of hours with Jimmy from Disguise the other night in his Hartlepool Hang-Out. The story of this 45 is that the band wanted to release a different song called "Theres A Boy In Our Street" (which is available on a Chiswick Comp CD) and had every intention of doing so, but Chiswick wanted "Hey Baby" out, despite it being a new song to the band which had barely been rehearsed or even formed properly. The band were dropped after signing an "Album/Singles/Tour" deal once EMI got hold of the previously Indie Chiswick. Apparently, the band still owe EMI £2k from their advance!!! By god its a great single though, talk about a lost gem. When I see bands like Tonight, The Jags, The Boys etc having decent-sized chart hits in 78-79 its incredible this didn't make it.

3rd Apr 2012


17th Mar 2010
 ..and here it is!! A quality 45, very hard to get nowadays basically because it's brilliant. I was lucky enough to see the band a couple of times as they were from British West Hartlepool. This SHOULD have been a genuine Power-Pop hit..loads of inferior records made the Top Twenty around the same time. The Jags? Pah.....

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