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Record Details

Artist:The Damned
Label:  Chiswick
Catalogue:CHIS 120
Date:16 Nov 1979
Chart Position:46
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Community:58 Own, 3 Want
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A1The DamnedI Just Can't Be Happy TodayScabies, Sensible, Vanian, Ward, DadomoRoger Armstrong, Damned8.0  Rate
B1The DamnedBallroom BlitzNicky Chinn, Mike ChapmanRoger Armstrong, Damned7.0  Rate
B2The DamnedThe Turkey Song [uncredited]Rate


B-side features bass by Lemmy (Ian Kilminster) of Motorhead.


4th Apr 2015
 I've got a copy of Smash it up missing a label and one with two labels on one side. seems fairly common to be fair with Chiswick

14th Mar 2015
 Mine has a normal A label, but no label at all on the B

>Anybody heard of this single being sold with having no label on both sides, just plain black vinyl?

9th Mar 2015
 Anything's possible with the Chiswick singles - reversed labels, wrong labels, no labels, extra labels, wonky labels. Every possible cock up has appeared at some stage.

8th Mar 2015
 Anybody heard of this single being sold with having no label on both sides, just plain black vinyl?

5th Nov 2013
 Just checked my copies and you are right, the big A is the same size so looking in the deadwax is the only way to spot a DJ edit.

22nd Aug 2013
 The 'A' on both my non edited promos are both to my eyes exactly the same size as my edited one.

There are a few Nips/Damned variations some have the others labels on and I'm sure one has the wrong B side and there was a mispress on Happy Today/Gabrielle on ebay and it sold £94 in May 2013 Click here

21st Aug 2013
 I've got the 'DJ' version though it sounds very rough to my ears (may be a bit worn), and yes the lyrics are completely different. The only way to tell them apart is a very slightly bigger A on the label (if I remember correctly) and the 'DJ' in the dead wax as noted. But there is an even rarer version of the single - it’s a mispressing and has both sides of The Nips - Gabrielle single, the mega rare cleaned up version!!! …..

Imagine my excitement of finding what I thought was a DJ copy of I Just Can’t Be Happy Today, rushing home and putting it on the turntable and out of the speaker’s comes Shane MacGowan! – this was before the Pogues were popular. In disgust I sold the single to a guy for a few quid, making a small profit. Later I heard the potty-mouth version of Gabrielle and looked up the details in Record Collector to find that the DJ version is very rare and normally comes with a telling ‘promo only’ label. The dead wax number was CHIS 119 DJ, by the way. Now of course I wish I’d hung onto it since its worth a lot more, and I’d be able to give the full details for the listing.

Anyone out there got this rarity?

Paul Vinyl
23rd Oct 2012
 sander1, pjlazenby
Opps only just over 3 months to reply,

I'm afraid mine hasn't got
CHIS-120 A DJ-1" matrix

It says 'Boy The Album' CHIS-120 A-2


4th Jul 2012
 I obviously can't speak for Paul, but it was the first thing I checked when I came across an 'A' label a few years ago. No 'golden ticket', sadly.

3rd Jul 2012
 Paul Vinyl... Have you checked the matrix on your A-label variation? Some of the A-label copies have "CHIS-120 A DJ-1" matrix inscription This is the mega rare edited DJ version which omits some of the keyboard solo and has "radio-friendly" lyrics....

4th Mar 2012
 You could try scratching it off...??!? If it's a homemade Letraset, and it comes off... well, no problem, it was only a Letraset, but if it doesn't...???!?

4th Mar 2012
 No both the solid centre and the 'weird' one are mine - the other side has a 2 on it I got it from a shop in Brighton for £3 I imagine someone used a lettraset thingy but I'm not sure TBH?

29th Feb 2012
 That latest-added 'weird' label is... weird. That '1' looks well iffy. Is this image an internet-grab? Any more info?

Dr Doom
10th Mar 2009

I think the Turkey Song was possibly uncredited on the sleeve and labels.

Will have a search for my copy and check.....

10th Mar 2009
 I think this had TWO songs on the B-side...Ballroom Blitz and The Turkey Song?

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