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Label:  Chrysalis
Catalogue:CHS 2607
Date:Apr 1982
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Community:4 Own
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AU.F.O.Back Into My LifeP. Way, P. MoggGary LyonsRate
BU.F.O.The WriterP. Chapman, P. Mogg, N. CarterGary LyonsRate


Picture sleeve.


9th Sep 2014
 Thanks for pointing that out, Graham. I'd forgotten that the number had "UK" after it on that page. My comment on it is still there. :)

30th Aug 2014
 It's still here here > CHS 2576.
I think there may have been 2 entries for it which got merged.

30th Aug 2014
 Why has the page for UFO's "Let It Rain" single (CHS 2576) been deleted from this site? Any particular reason?

7th May 2012
 After the failure of the harder rock single "Let It Rain" to make the Top 40, UFO came out with an absolute diamond of a rock ballad. This seemed like a good choice for a single, yet it fared even worse than its predecessor. As with earlier UFO singles "Young Blood" and "Lonely Heart", this one also suffered from being an edited version which spoilt the continuity of the song. I dare say that was what thwarted its chances of becoming a hit.

"Back Into My Life" also has the sort of sound one would expect to find in the US charts in the eighties, but it did nothing there either. It is comparable with US rock ballads of the eighties like Foreigner's transatlantic smash hit "I Want To Know What Love Is". Being over four and a half minutes long didn't impede that single's success, so why didn't they release the full-length version of this particular UFO song on a seven-incher? Another unsolved mystery in the history of rock music.

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