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Record Details

Artist:The Special AKA
Label:  2 Tone
Catalogue:CHS TT 272
Date:Aug 1984
Format:Double Pack
Chart Position:51
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Community:12 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Special AKAWhat I Like Most About You Is Your GirlfriendDammersDick CuthellRate
BThe Special AKACan't Get A BreakRhoda Dakar, The Special AKAJerry DammersRate
CThe Special AKAWar Crimes (The Crime Remains The Same)DammersJerry DammersRate
DThe Special AKAVersionDammersJerry DammersRate


Gatefold picture sleeve double pack.

The second single is their earlier War Crimes 45.

The two individual 45's kept their old catalogue numbers with the new one featured on a sticker on the front of the sleeve.


Mikey Dread
9th Apr 2013
 Gold injection moulded labels uploaded.
Freebie 45 as part of the double pack.Apparently "War Crimes" was only issued in the gold variant label in this set.

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