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Record Details

Artist:Frank Sinatra
Label:  Capitol
Catalogue:CL 14064
Date:Oct 1954
Chart Position:12
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Community:2 Own, 1 Wants
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AFrank SinatraYoung At HeartRichards, Carolyn LeighNelson Riddle9.0  Rate
BFrank SinatraTake A ChanceRaksin, StanfordNelson RiddleRate


Originally issued on 78 with the same catalogue number in March 1954.


22nd Dec 2015
 Glad to be of service. You might be interested in the my list of Frank's bestselling tracks (see below). This is #16.

22nd Dec 2015
 Thanks a lot for the info/Link mister_tmg.

22nd Dec 2015
 Take 12, apparently...
Frank Sinatra Sessions

I'm sure I read that he once did a song 30 times through to get it right...

12th Jun 2015
 Listening to Frank as a youthful baby boomer and working through much of his portfolio of recordings as the years passed has provided an appreciation of those periods in the studio when Frank arose of a morning to find the larynx in good shape. There are performances of songs he sang that I love, but on many of them there is occasionally a hint of roughness now and then, a tiny burr in the voice that prevented the performance being flawless. A late night with the Pack perhaps, or one too many cigarettes in those days.

But here, with 'Young At Heart', coupled to the peerless arrangement and backing of the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, the performance really is, to my ear at least, utterly perfect. The voice is brushed satin and the song too is a joy. It probably wasn't (and someone will tell me), but it sounds like Take 1, which went straight in the can.


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The Official Frank Sinatra Top 40 - 40 Items - List by mister_tmg

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