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Record Details

Artist:The Four Preps
Label:  Capitol
Catalogue:CL 14873
Date:May 1958
Chart Position:2
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Community:55 Own
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AThe Four PrepsBig ManBruce Belland, Glenn Larson9.6  Rate
BThe Four PrepsStop, BabyPat Ballard9.0  Rate


3rd Apr 2013
 Sheet music added.

Kent T
2nd Dec 2012
 10! Superb harmonies, great rollicking uptempo beat and terrific song. Great classic. Very underrated as a rule. Love the Four Preps, this is my favorite 45 of their output.

Charlie Chalk
2nd Dec 2012
 Agreed. I'm a big fan of the record, and the Four Preps.

2nd Dec 2012
 Beautiful record! 10/10!

1st Dec 2012
 yes, what a record - but, what a memory doberman !

7th Jun 2011
 Was sitting dozing with Radio Lux on the radio on the night of May 14 1958 when 'Big Man' came on . Woke with a start- wow what a record.

6th Apr 2011
 also a black label variant (details identical to Cronkey's scan)

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