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Artist:The Classics [Atlanta]
Label:  Capitol
Catalogue:CL 15470
Date:Sep 1966
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Community:1 Owns
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AThe Classics [Atlanta]PollyannaRate
BThe Classics [Atlanta]Cry BabyRate


31st May 2012
 I am pretty sure that the A-side of this UK record, as well as the US pressing is "Cry Baby" and that "Pollyanna" is the B-side. You can generally tell which one was A and which one was B by the song's catalog number (as opposed to the record's catalog number. In this case the record's catalog number is 15470 (UK) and 5710 (US). But the songs' catalog numbers are the same in both countries "Pollyanna"'s cat.# is 56199, "Cry Baby" is 56198. It was customary to assign the lower number to the song intended to be the A-side. (Of course you couldn't always apply this rule to subsequent printings, especially when they changed B-sides or made 2 A-sides.) I am going to post a picture of "Cry Baby." It's a bit small but I think you can see the song's catalog number.

6th May 2012
  Image courtesy of Pete Smith Check out his blog Lost vinyl gems of the 60s


davie gordon
6th May 2011
 Name changed to The Classics [Atlanta] and linked to The Classics IV etc.

6th May 2011
 Only have the US version but would love to find UK original.

14th Dec 2009
 Surely this is a different group to the one that did Till Then ?, This group evolved into The Classics IV..

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