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Record Details

Artist:Paul Petersen
Label:  Colpix
Catalogue:CP 676
Date:Feb 1963
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:5 Own
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APaul PetersenAmyB. Mann, C. WeilStu PhillipsStu Phillips7.0  Rate
BPaul PetersenGoody GoodyM. Malnick, J. MercerStu PhillipsRate


BB Feb 23, 1963

Columbia Custom matrix numbers:
- A side: ZTSP 87036
- B side: ZTSP 87037


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12th May 2013
 The coupling of "Amy" and "I Only Have Eyes For You (Bossa Nova)" has been moved to a new entry.

12th May 2013
 Columbia Custom matrix numbers:
- A side: ZTSP 87036
- B side: ZTSP 87037

25th Aug 2012
 Added another set of label variances

15th May 2012
 Image of alternate B side added.

10th Feb 2012
 Please add it. You are lucky. I got a copy with "Goody Goody" as the flipside. Then I heard "I Only Have Eyes For You" on the radio, and had to buy the "My Dad" album to get it.

10th Feb 2012
 My copy of Colpix CP 676 has a different B side.

"I Only Have Eyes For You (Bossa Nova)"

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