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Artist:Shelley Fabares
Label:  Colpix
Catalogue:CP 721 / CP-721
Date:Jan 1964
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Community:6 Own, 2 Want
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AShelley FabaresFootball Seasons OverD. GatesDavid Gates9.0  Rate
BShelley FabaresHe Don't Love MeBerry, Altford, GibsonDavid Gates10.0  Rate


BB Feb 1, 1964
CB Feb 1, 1964

a) ZTSP 89954
b) ZTSP 89955
supervision : Lou Adler


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Break-In master
6th Sep 2015
 No, TheDA1, it's, "Football Seasons", no apostrophe! It SHOULD have one, but it doesn't!!

24th Aug 2015
 ∆50935 Football Season’s Over
∆50935-X He Don’t Love Me


18th Aug 2015
 I picked up a nice minty copy of this today, and the B-side is killer! Very Spector-esque, and after reading the back story on it I can see why. Shoulda been the A-side!

18th Aug 2015
 Uploading label variation, stock label similar to the promo labels that appear in the video

20th Dec 2014
 B-side should have been spelled "He Dont Love Me" to keep things consistent.

22nd Sep 2014
 Replacement A-side video

Replacement B-side video


22nd Sep 2014
 I failed to mention that Brian wrote the backing track as well for He Don't Love Me. It's my educated guess from what i know and heard of Brian's work over the last 50 yrs. Lou Adler was being spiteful after his dispute with Brian and was either purposely left him off as writer or Brian didn't really care as he would give others writing credit like Bob Norman(Norberg) who hadn't contributed to any Brian's song. Bob was broke and needed some bread.
For instance Malibu Blues(Super Stocks) on my album states the sole writer as Hal Goodwin. All Music site has Gary Usher only and BMI has both Hal Goodwin and Gary Usher. I tried looking up Hal Goodwin on the internet nothing available as for as songwriting is concerned. Not even his publishing is known N/A . It's like he doesn't exist. When you hear the beginning riff of Malibu Blues it sure sounds like Brian had a hand in writing it. BTW that's Hal Goodwin's only writing credit ever.

20th Apr 2014

20th Apr 2014

carey jeggs
18th Feb 2014
 On Jan & Dean Meet Batman there is a running gag about the pronunciation of Altfield/Altfeld.

18th Feb 2014
 Along with Jan Berry on "He Don't Love Me", "Gibson" is Jill Gibson, who was Jan's girlfriend at the time and is listed as a co-writer on several Jan Berry songs (and later Michelle Phillips' replacement in the Mamas & the Papas), and "Altford" is a misspelled "Altfeld", as in: Don Altfeld (also spelled "Altfield" on many records); Don is listed as a writer or producer on several records with Berry and/or Gibson; Altfield was a classmate of Jan's in pre-med at UCLA, and went on to eventually become a doctor.

8th Sep 2013
 Sounds probable 'cos there are a lot of similarities to She Rides With Me. He Don't Love Me is far better than the A-side!

7th Aug 2013
 The Honeys are doing backup vocals on He don't love me. Marilyn Rovell has confirmed it.
Also Jan Berry produced the Vocals according to Marilyn not David Gates. and Brian Wilson produced the backing track. David Gates may have arranged it. Brian had a dispute with Lou Adler who's Shelley's husband during He don't love me, which was probably a carryover from the Paul Peterson sessions(She rides with me Colpix 720) over creative control. So Brian left before the vocals were added and Jan Berry filled in for the vocal production. Thusly, Lou Adler excluded Brain from being credited on the label and the intended A side He don't love me was relegated by Adler as the B side.

18th Jan 2012
 B-side co-written by Jan Berry

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