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Record Details

Artist:Johnny Dee
Label:  Colonial
Catalogue:CR-430 / 45-CR 430
Date:Feb 1957
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Community:17 Own, 1 Wants
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AJohnny DeeSittin' In The BalconyJohnny Dee10.0  Rate
BJohnny DeeA-Plus In LoveJohnny Dee10.0  Rate


Featuring Joe Tanner on Guitar
song became Eddie Cochran's first hit


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13th Aug 2014
 Twitster's scans - 538755 and 538756 - are the first pressing. Any pressings with "AM-PAR Record Corp." on them are 3rd pressings. Vidman's scans - 473486 and 473487 - are West Coast pressings, after the record started to become popular, therefore, those are 2nd pressings.

Rockin Bill
17th May 2013
 Fine Rock-a-ballads featg Joe Tanner On Guitar, Eddie Cochran charted with a slower but very similar version of 'Sittin'


4th Feb 2013
 Fine and quite a rare(?) Colonial company sleeve !

4th Feb 2013
 I have to agree with MickeyRat. Linked biography would best.

mickey rat
4th Feb 2013
 Not sure that this should be listed as "John D. Loudermilk" when the label clearly says "Johnny Dee". O.K. so everybody knows this is Loudermilk and it SHOULD be linked to his later records. It's just that there are thousands of other entries on this site where artists, well-known and obscure, are listed under their various pseudonyms, sometimes linked, sometimes not, depending on member knowledge, but this entry is setting some kind of precedent that makes it hard to know what the rules are.

4th Feb 2013
 With acknowledgement to allan0318, here is a clearer B side image.

8th Aug 2012
 Added label variations.

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