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Artist:Doctor Spin
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:CRPT 4
Date:Sep 1992
Chart Position:6
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Community:17 Own, 1 Wants
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ADoctor SpinTetrisBased On KorabushkaNigel WrightAndrew Lloyd Webber, Nigel Wright8.0  Rate
BDoctor SpinPlay Game BoyNigel Wright, Robin SellersNigel WrightRate


Picture sleeve.


15th Aug 2010
 According to Wikipedia, Doctor Spin was a pseudonym used by Andrew Lloyd Webber and record producer Nigel Wright for this 45. Their identities were not widely publicised at the time.

Tetris itself was an early 1990s Eurodance cover version of the most famous tune in the Game Boy version of the game Tetris (which was in turn an instrumental version of the Russian folk song Korobeiniki. The inventor of Tetris the game was a Russian). Tetris was the free game bundled with the Game Boy, Tetris was popular at the time, and the single reached number 6 in the UK Singles Chart.

Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited has a similar opening.

Doctor Spin itself may be considered a one-hit wonder (Tetris was their sole entry on the UK Singles Chart, and there is no evidence of any other releases under that name). However, Lloyd Webber and Wright themselves have worked together on many other successful projects. Wright produced Bombalurina 's 1990 hit cover of Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (which Lloyd Webber was also involved with), and has subsequently worked on a number of Lloyd Webber's cast albums.


15th Aug 2010
 This was Andrew Lloyd Webber?!

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