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Artist:Drafi Deutscher And His Magics
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:D 19 735
Date:Oct 1965
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ADrafi Deutscher And His MagicsMarmor, Stein und Eisen brichtBruhn, Deutscher, Loose9.3  Rate
BDrafi Deutscher And His MagicsDas sind die einsamen JahreBruhn, Holm9.5  Rate


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31st Aug 2012
 This is the song in Germany that just EVERYBODY knows here and can sing along with. And surely on a par with what so-called "Beat Bands" were doing at the same time.

21st Jun 2012
 Drafi also had a hit with the song UNITED [not to be found here on 45cat, yet ...] -- a lot of folks would recognise the tune to that one i am sure ...

21st Jun 2012
 "Marmor, Stein Und Eisen Bricht" was recorded in English by Drafi as "Marble Breaks And Iron Bends" and released in the U.K. on DECCA F 22353

There were other DECCA releases by Drafi on F 12277, F 22552 and F 23158

20th Jun 2012
 Nice addition santos. Later 1966 Peter Fenton UK cover per janiejjones upload is on 45cat to compare.

20th Jun 2012

20th Jun 2012

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