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Artist:The Grass Roots
Label:  Dunhill
Catalogue:D-4084 / 45-D-4084
Date:Apr 1967
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Community:52 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Grass RootsLet's Live For TodaySteve Barri, P. F. Sloan9.6  Rate
BThe Grass RootsDepressed FeelingWarren EntnerSteve Barri, P. F. SloanRate


BB April 29, 1967
A side composer credits omitted on all known pressings: should have read "David Shapiro, Ivan Mogull, Michael Julian"


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25th Jul 2015

18th Jul 2015
 ∆66317 Let's Live for Today
∆66317-X Depressed Feeling

Upgraded scans added. Nod to lugnut.

29th Oct 2014
 I've not heard of such a lawsuit, but if there was one, I'm sure it wouldn't be with the Grass Roots as they didn't originally record the song. The Rokes originally recorded the track in Italian. Follow BeatleJohn's link.

29th Oct 2014
 Does anyone know if there was ever a lawsuit involved with this song and "I Count The Tears" by The Drifters? There are some significant similarities between the two...

29th Jul 2014
 Thanks for that link, John. I was the one who posted a video at that entry for the B-side.

29th Jul 2014
 RecordDragon...Here's the original version, (Piangi Con Me)...I would assume one of the names is the English lyricist on the US issues....John

29th Jul 2014
 Both the American Pie and Collectables reissues of the A-side have different composer credits.

American Pie shows J. Cenciarelli, G. Rapetti, N.D. Shapiro
Collectables shows Rapetti, Cenciarelli, Shapiro, Mogol

Which is correct?

23rd Jul 2014
 My promo copy has "beside me". The original lyric might only have been found on early west coast pressings:


11th Jun 2014
 I have a copy of the "Beside me" lyric pressing. Never paid attention to it before.
Anyone know which version would be pressed on promo copies of this single?

5th Jun 2014

A Side: introduction + : Let's Live For Today

4th Jun 2014
 I've posted both video versions of the Rokes here

RCA 1587

I didn't know there were 2 different versions of the Grass Roots recording

4th Jun 2014
 "Beside me" version has the matrix 01099 RE etched in the outrun grooves, "Deep inside me" has 01099.
P.F.Sloan plays lead guitar on A-side
The song had been originally recorded in Italy by an Engish group called "The Rokes" in Italian, titled Piangi Can Me (Cry With Me).
Look here. They also did an English version, you can check it here

4th Jun 2014
 I learned recently that there were 2 different pressings of the 45, one with the original "deep inside me" lyrics and one with the cleaned up "beside me" lyrics. I'd love to know if there is a way to tell the versions apart....I think they both were only available on west coast pressings.

Vinyl Fan
31st May 2013
 Added label layout variant pressed by Specialty plant in PA.

charlie 45
3rd Dec 2011
 slight variation in label - note 45 before cat #

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