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Artist:LaVern Baker And The Gliders
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 3879
Date:Jan 1957
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Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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ALaVern Baker And The GlidersJim DandyChase9.0  Rate
BLaVern Baker And The GlidersTra La LaParker8.3  Rate


18th Jul 2014
 One of the truly great rock'n'roll records.

20th Nov 2011
 Oh nuts. Yes, of course, I knew all the time. I wonder what else there was.

20th Nov 2011
 That would be 'Mr Sandman' by The Chordettes...

20th Nov 2011
 School Day is the weirdest appearance on Columbia. Can't understand why London did not issue it. I have somewhere the paper advertising it on a 78, What was the Cadence recording?

20th Nov 2011
 And you'll find the odd Chess & Cadence on there too! Rather oddly, as all three labels had dealings with Decca/London at the time...

Probably a bit of panic buying by Columbia when they lost their US contract a few years earlier!

20th Nov 2011
 Ruth Borwn Lucky Lips DB 3913 and Ivory Joe Hunter on 3872. Seems there was a short period of Atlantic issues on Columbia in Jan 1957.

20th Nov 2011
 There are other Atlantic recordings on EMI too.

20th Nov 2011
 Atlantic certainly did have dealings with UK Columbia, although limited...

The one that really gets collectors drooling is 'Tweedle Dee' which on British 45 is rarer than hen's teeth...probably why there's no image of it here yet!

24th Feb 2011
 Oooh yes ! Never seen this before. The number to the left of the label is the Atlantic matrix number. For years I never knew Atlantic had any dealings with (EMI) Columbia.

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