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Record Details

Artist:Jimmie Rodgers
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 4078
Date:Feb 1958
Chart Position:18
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:18 Own
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AJimmie RodgersOh-Ho, I'm Falling In Love AgainHoffman, Manning, Markwell7.0  Rate
BJimmie RodgersThe Long Hot SummerNorth, CahnRate


16th Jan 2013
 This was one of the first half a dozen records I ever bought. I bought it for the 'A' side, but recall playing the 'B' side a lot too. Now, years later, I can appreciate how Jimmie had the voice to deliver a slower, more serious number. The mood retains much of the atmosphere suggested by the title and the film.

From accompanying comments, it seems the making of the film was to give birth to one of the most enduring marriages in Hollywood . As an aside, this video displays some of the finest and relevant collection of images I've seen on a YT contribution. The photo at 1:54 is particularly delightful.


8th Oct 2012
 New images for Netherlands, not UK.

8th Oct 2012
 alternativ label added

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