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Record Details

Artist:The Avons
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 4363
Date:Oct 1959
Chart Position:3
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Community:83 Own, 2 Want
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AThe AvonsSeven Little Girls Sitting In The Back SeatPockriss, Hilliard8.6  Rate
BThe AvonsAlone At EightMurtagh9.5  Rate


24th Jun 2015
 Just listened to the B-side here and I agree it's a great track. Replacing previously posted non-working video below.

"Alone At Eight"

A-side not a bad cover of the Paul Evans single

"Seven Little Girls"


24th Jun 2015
 Sheet music added.

8th Feb 2013
 Alternativ label scans added

8th Feb 2013
 Sheet music uploaded

17th Nov 2012
 i dont think i ever played the b' side - just played it and its great.

1st Nov 2012
 Yes, they do. I'm surprised they didn't cover more of the Fleetwoods' stuff over here.

1st Nov 2012
 Their harmonies always reminded me of The Fleetwoods.

1st Nov 2012

I've always loved this 'B' side and always played this side rather than SLG. Still sounds good today.

1st Nov 2012
 I've had this record for a lot of years now, but have never bothered to listen to the b-side. But I'll dig it out and give it a spin

Edit: Actually, it's a band-composed song and the Avons weren't bad songwriters, e.g. Dance On

12th Jun 2011
 Hi Everybody. Re; ALONE AT EIGHT . In my humble opinion I would say that this is an absolutely fabulous record and I will say that SLG was not bad either. However, I think that this should have been the top side as opposed to being the "B" side. It seemed to me that when looking back on it, it typified the era of the end of the "Teddy" boys period into a period of innocence which is now commonly known as the pre Beatle years ...1960 - 61 - 62 - very early 1963. Honestly it is a cracking song and would politely advise anyone who reads this to try to get a hold of it and listen to it if they can. You will not be dissapointed.. Sid Brighton.

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