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Artist:The John Barry Seven Plus Four
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 4414
Date:Feb 1960
Chart Position:10
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:67 Own
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AThe John Barry Seven Plus FourHit And MissBarry9.0  Rate
BThe John Barry Seven Plus FourRockin' Alreadyarr Barry8.5  Rate


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18th Jul 2014
 I usually buy these John Barry singles when they come up on Ebay; they're cheap and definitely NOT nasty (Parlophone stuff is more expensive).

16th Aug 2012
 Blimey, news to me!

16th Aug 2012
 Yes, ' Juke Box Fury ' by Ozzie Warlock and the Wizards on HMV POP 635 - see corresponding entry.

16th Aug 2012
 Hit and miss became the signature tune of juke box jury the week after it was actually played on the show, but does anyone know what the theme music was before it took over

carey jeggs
14th Apr 2012
 Oh. I thought maybe it was some Presbyterian survival.There was a sketch on Naked Video twenty-odd years ago where there was a newsflash of an imminent nuclear attack and the announcer said 'We will now broadcast the four-minute warning, except for viewers in Scotland who will have their own sports programme.'

14th Apr 2012
 Juke Box Jury was shown in Scotland at a later time. Tony Currie would be able to tell when you from his Radio Times collection

carey jeggs
14th Apr 2012
 'And the next programme is Juke Box Jury except for viewers in Scotland who will have their own sports programme.' I always felt sorry for those viewers in Scotland.What were they being protected from?

18th Feb 2012

26th Mar 2011

Ready Steady Go - Other theme tune intros used were as follows:

Manfred Mann - Hubble Bubble Toil And Trouble
Animals - I'm Crying
Wilson Pickett - Land Of 1,000 Dances
and possibly more, and at least one instrumental other than Wipeout.

Trust you find the above info of interest.

bill mann
19th Mar 2011
  Wasn't Janice on the US record review spot on 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' ?
I remember her giving 'Go go go' by Chuck Berry foive and calling it 'real R&B', but giving 'I'm on fire' by JLL the thumbs down cos it was just the same as 'Great balls of fire' !!!

19th Mar 2011
 Anyone know where there's a definitive list of RSG theme (i.e. intro) tunes? I remember 5-4-3-2-1 & Wipeout but I'm sure there were many more.

Oakley Boys
18th Mar 2011
 I hardly ever missed Ready Steady Go and even remember Ready Steady Win with 'new' bands like the Bo Street Runners and others. Re RSG I saw one show and later that night was walking past the East Ham Granada when a taxi pulled up and out popped Dusty Springfield to do a show- wearing the same dress that I'd seen her in earlier on RSG!- Amazing!

Oakley Boys
18th Mar 2011
 Going through my Columbia records and came across this and played it- phew- brought back a fair few memories! Apologies to our cousins around the world- you probably don't realise the significance of this music to us Brits.

7th Mar 2011

6th Dec 2009
 Hit and Miss was the theme for 'Juke Box Jury' in the 60's

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