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Artist:The Shadows
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 4530
Date:10 Nov 1960
Chart Position:5
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Community:83 Own
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AThe ShadowsMan Of MysteryCarr8.4  Rate
BThe ShadowsThe StrangerCrompton, Jones7.7  Rate


Melody Maker review Nov 12, 1960.


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11th May 2012

27th Feb 2012
 Regarding writing on labels(bigtom16) I used to take records in to work at Martins The Cleaners, Bradford, they'd play them through the Tannoy during the day. If you couldn't identify yours at hometime you could say goodbye to them so several of mine have initials or a bit of tape stuck on. It isn't pretty to look at but I still have the records fifty years later.

29th Jan 2012
 There is a widespread misunderstanding to the effect that "Man Of Mystery" was a TV series. It certainly was not. It was a series of one-off short cinema films used as B-movie material. One of them was shown in the north of England as support for the cinematic release of the film "The Young Ones".

19th Aug 2011
 I believe I'm right in saying it was entitled 'Theme from....' as there was a popular mini-series running at the time, base on the Crime fiction works of Edgar Wallace (the man of mystery). Just as there was a series of Alfred Hitchock mysteries, both of them forerunners to the Ron Grainer-theme'd 'Tales Of The Unexpected' (Roald Dahl).

19th Aug 2011
 Promo copy uploaded.Title listed as ( Theme From ) Man Of Mystery.The B side looks a bit ragged but both sides actually play excellent.One of my pet hates is writing on labels so this is one of only a few that i have in my collection mainly because Shadows early Promos are hard to come by and it is over 50 years old.

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