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Record Details

Artist:Helen Shapiro
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 4589
Date:10 Feb 1961
Chart Position:3
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Community:69 Own, 1 Wants
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AHelen ShapiroDon't Treat Me Like A ChildJ. SchroederMartin Slavin9.0  Rate
BHelen ShapiroWhen I'm With YouBurman, Schroeder, HawkerMartin Slavin7.0  Rate


Melody Maker review Feb 11, 1961.


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19th May 2016
 WickyWacky says:

Aged ten, Shapiro was a singer with "Susie and the Hula Hoops," (with her cousin, 60s singer, Susan Singer) a school band which included Marc Bolan (then using his real name of Mark Feld) as guitarist.


Magic Marmalade
19th May 2016
 I find that paradoxically both amazing, and yet unsurprising... as I've always found it difficult to place Marc Bolan in time...

...the guy looked about 12 years old until the day he died!

(But surely Shapiro at 15 is too early even for Mr Timeless?)

19th May 2016
 A 15 Year Old Helen Shapiro was In Marc Bolan's First Band. Wow. H.

24th Aug 2015
 The capitol release is not on 45cat yet, its 1961 and I don't think UK acts were being promoted that well by Capitol generally. Same would probably apply on London to their 'Rock' acts - I expect Frank Chacksfield / Mantovani probably sold more for British Decca out there.
Cliff Richard too never got USA. Its the way in which the music industry was arranged out there, plus strong competition of USA home brewed artists. Weren't there some USA acts that never made it big in the States, but did in the UK ?

Ade Macrow
24th Aug 2015
 At least 101 had taste: Helen Shapiro remains a great talent!

24th Aug 2015
 And then you wonder why Capitol was so reticent about taking on The Beatles before Brian Epstein forced his hand with label prexy Alan Livingston by the time of "I Want To Hold Your Hand"?

24th Aug 2015
 Released in the US as Capitol #4561 - but it only sold 101 copies. Yes, 101!

25th Sep 2013
 " Don't Treat Me Like A Child " was a no.4 U.K. hit in 1961 for 14-year old London school-girl Helen Shapiro. It is a very catchy , mid-tempo song , with " teenage " lyrics , set to an attractive arrangement. Shapiro had four other U.K. hits , including two number ones , but I think that this record ( her first ) was her best. None of her records charted in the U.S. , apart from one week at no. 100 with " Walkin' To Happiness ". Today , at the age of 67, Shapiro still performs , but only gospel music.

27th Feb 2012
 She also had quite a deep voice, which led to speculation that she might record an album 'Helen Shapiro sings Paul Robeson'.

27th Feb 2012
 A fourteen year old singing "Don't treat me like a child" would be a hit with most teenagers but this girl had talent.

Juke Jules
10th Dec 2011
 There are several 'versions' of DTMLAC by Helen Shapiro on YouTube, but this is currently the only original version. Warning - this video contains scenes of 45's abuse

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