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Record Details

Artist:Helen Shapiro
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 4715
Date:22 Sep 1961
Chart Position:1
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Community:83 Own
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AHelen ShapiroWalkin' Back To HappinessSchroeder, HawkerNorrie Paramor9.1  Rate
BHelen ShapiroKiss 'N' RunParamor, LewisNorrie Paramor8.0  Rate


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18th Jul 2014
 I used to hate this, but I like it now.

5th Jan 2014
 Officially the first ever contender for ‘My Favourite Record’. Many years and 45’s later, it’s still on the shortlist. I was strongly influenced by my nan (nonna Massima) who loved this - and whenever it was played, never failed to mention that “she’s from Bethnal Green you know” :-)

17th Nov 2011

24th Apr 2011
 Walkin' back to happiness- as demand increased, Decca was asked to press copies...note the difference on the press out section.

Walkin' back to happiness single: The black and silver lable version was probably pressed sometime in 1963, when the Columbia Lable switched to this format, and also dropped the 45- suffix.


7th Oct 2010
 The best way is the hover over labels - numbering wouldn't work because they won't always stay in the same order. I think mods edit those labels when they sort them.

7th Oct 2010
 When a lot of images appear on a page such as this, any comments such as "contract pressing" or "revised label"dont apply to a specific image
Is there some way to identify ..possibly numbering or putting a title on images?????
I realise we can add a comment when we upload but it doesnt show up on the page without running a curser over them

7th Oct 2010
 Contract pressing..looks like Decca

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