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Record Details

Artist:The Shadows
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 4984
Date:1 Mar 1963
Chart Position:1
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Community:74 Own
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AThe ShadowsFoot TapperMarvin, Welch8.3  Rate
BThe ShadowsThe Breeze And ILecuona, StillmanRate


B-side - With The Norrie Paramor Strings.
Release date from 'Record Retailer' issue dated 28 Feb 1963.


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17th Aug 2012

carey jeggs
8th Aug 2012
 Yes but it 's taken on a new life as the signature tune to SOTS.

28th Jan 2012
 These codes indicate the rate of purchase tax levied on the record. There is a great webpage here which lists the codes used and the date of their introduction. Where the rate of tax changed after a record was produced, an adhesive stamp might be affixed to the label, e.g.HL 8803.

28th Jan 2012
 My record has the tax code as M T. I never knew such things until this record!!! I've got the green label of 'APACHE' and that has W T embossed.
What does these codes mean?

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