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Artist:The Shadows
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 7047
Date:31 May 1963
Chart Position:2
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:96 Own
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AThe ShadowsAtlantisLordan8.9  Rate
BThe ShadowsI Want You To Want MeMarvin7.3  Rate


A-side - With The Norrie Paramor Strings.


29th Dec 2015
 I have an original pressing of Atlantis, bought in June, 1963, and the matrix number is 7XCA 26454-1N on the A-side and 7XCA 26455-1N on the B-side and surely that's as original as you're going to get. The recording of Atlantis on it is exactly the same as that on the YouTube video uploaded by The Judge tonight.

29th Dec 2015
 Right! I've managed to find a YT video that has the single version. Took some finding, too:


18th Sep 2015
 I'm still trying to nail this one down. My copy (the first of the two clips in the link I posted in my comment ot 9 Nov 14) has the matrix# 7XCA 26454-1N. If anyone has a copy of this single which plays the second version in the linked mp3, could they post the matrix# so that we can see if there's any difference? Thanks.

10th Nov 2014
 Kinda sucks that the video that depicts the original single doesn't have the original audio. I attempted to find a replacement mono video, but had no success. Perhaps an owner of this single could oblige us with one.

9th Nov 2014
 And yet, the mono version in the YT video linked by RD isn't the one on the actual single.

As I said in my original comment (4 years ago! Sheesh, where does it go?), the single version (at least, the one I have, which was the original pressing as far as I can tell), the strings weren't completely mixed out of the ending.

If I can find the sound file again, I'll re-post a link to it so you can hear the difference.

(Edit: found it: here it is again. The first clip is the single, the second one is the one more commonly found on compilations, etc.)

9th Nov 2014
 Yep, talk about yer corporate branding!

My Friend Jack
9th Nov 2014
 Stateside was the first label to use the silver on black "45" design in June 1962 (it was a new label so had no old stock to use up). EMI's other labels adopted the new design in late '62 / early '63.

Michael Earith
9th Nov 2014
 So I Guess That Parlophone Switched From Red To Black At Around The Same Time
Along With HMV Going From Turquoise Zabadak?

9th Nov 2014
 Updated the mono B-side video.

9th Nov 2014
 Beat you to it, Whyperion. Posted both mono and stereo versions of both sides of the single.

9th Nov 2014
 see below, though I like seeing sids discs

9th Nov 2014

About half an hour of the Shads first 10 or so instrumental A sides

9th Nov 2014
 "Atlantis"-mono version

"Atlantis"-stereo version

"I Want You"-mono version depicting actual 45


9th Nov 2014
 Columbia went black in the UK in about 1962...

Michael Earith
9th Nov 2014
 I Thought That All The Shadows Singles Were Usually On The Green Columbia Label In The UK?

28th Oct 2012
 I've noticed a buzzing noise, probably from Hank's amp , during the first few bars of the main melody on the vinyl and early cd stereo recordings which seems to have been eliminated on newer cd releases.

27th Nov 2010
 In the second one, the guitars may seem louder, but that's because the strings (particularly the cellos) have been all-but mixed out. Which was my point about the difference. As a result, it doesn't have the clout of the mono single mix to my ears. But then, that was the first version I heard, way back when I was about six or seven.

27th Nov 2010
 Have you got that the right way round? The second one sound to me like the guitars are louder.

Ita a good point though and well spotted.

27th Nov 2010
 This is one of my all-time favourites, but the stereo version you get on compilations, etc. has the strings mixed far lower down throughout, and mixed out altogether in the ending. I think that the original version is far stronger (or maybe it's just bias on my part). You can hear what I mean at http://www.thejudge.me.uk/soundbank/Atlantis_endings.mp3, where the first version is the original single mix and the second is the stereo mix (but converted to mono in this case).

[Edit (18/05/11): I've taken the sound file down now - sorry!]

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