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Artist:The Ladybirds
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 7523
Date:26 Mar 1965
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Community:4 Own
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AThe LadybirdsI Wanna FlyBea JuniorLansdowne ProductionsKen WoodmanRate
BThe LadybirdsO.K. FredAlbimoor, GaryLansdowne ProductionsKen WoodmanRate


Record Mirror review Apr 3, 1965.


31st Jul 2015
 I finally got round to making and uploading a video for this one.


10th Feb 2013

7th Jun 2012
 Well done Jimmy and Henry. Another music crime solved. Good bit of sleuthing and memory work.

7th Jun 2012
 Having now listened to this song, as very kindly supplied to me by henry29, I can confirm that it really is the same song as done by Errol Dunkley in 1979. Looks like John Holt changed a few words here and there and then decided to claim a sole writing credit for this one. A day when you learn at least one new fact is always a good day.

6th Jun 2012
 Jimmytheferret. The ladybirds is the same song only done in a 60's stylie reather than reggae if you give me your e-mail i'll let you hear it H.

6th Jun 2012
 Although I can't claim to have heard The Ladybirds' O.K. Fred, the Errol Dunkley version was written by John Holt and came out in 1979, some 14 years after The Ladybirds, and their composer credits read Albimoor & Gary. I would have thought it was a completely different record, especially since John Holt's recording was issued in 1971.

Since you have the record, Henry29, can you confirm that it is the same record as Errol Dunkley?

5th Jun 2012
 That is the Original of O.K. Fred - Errol Dunkley did in the 70's

davie gordon
2nd Jun 2012
 U.S. original by The Carousels 2102 Feb 1964

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