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Artist:The Syndicats
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 7686
Date:10 Sep 1965
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:19 Own, 12 Want
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AThe SyndicatsOn The HorizonLeiber, StollerMeeksville Sound8.8  Rate
BThe SyndicatsCrawdaddy SimoneWilliams, FenwickMeeksville Sound9.9  Rate


31st Jan 2017
 This is the Big Daddy of RGM 60s Beat.

A side is the Ben E King B side of Stand By Me. always dug the Ben E King version. This does a similar arrangement if lacks the intensity of the original. Still a good Soulful Ballad track with atmospheric sound.

B side is Three Fists In Yo' Face tough dirty Mod R&B Garage raver. 'Crawdaddy Simone' is a Bad Ass MoFo Guy as they'd say in the YooEssAye. "He Ain't Got No Friends, He Always Walks Alone" He oughta wash more...

Then the guitar break is the most ugly dirty snarling ugly nasty mess on any record. Maxed out distortion by a very manic Joey boy. The sound is mostly the production done through much tinkering.

To hear the UK original played directly is quite an experience... The video below sounds good.

8th Apr 2016
 fascinating Top 150 Wanted list, esp The King Brothers & a Beatles EP that doesn't exist. Mostly Rock-Pop artists, a tiny few R&B Northern but no Reggae! Seems like a 'wish' list too, some of those 45s are out of most buyer's league now. Explains why the repros are popular too.

Top 500 would be even more interesting...

7th Apr 2016
 Wonder no more, Teabiscuit: http://www.45cat.com/45_collection_want_top.php

7th Apr 2016
 10 want this. Would be interesting to see the Top 500 Wanted records on 45 cat, you have a list of Most Owned

28th Oct 2015
 One jack asses (me!) tale about finding AND losing this 45:


24th Apr 2015
 An Ex. copy sold for £822.00 on eBay this week!

5th Mar 2015
 Without wishing to denigrate the astonishing production and freakbeat guitar on the B side, it does seem a little too close for comfort to the tune/chords of Chuck Berry's "Almost Grown".

Joe M'Geek
17th Aug 2012
 Killer double sider imo. I reckon it's almost a shame Crawdaddy is so attention grabbing, in that it overshadows a brilliantly atmospheric latter day RGM production.


26th Dec 2011

17th May 2011
 also bootlegged by the "eastenders actor"!

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