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Artist:The Wheels [Northern Ireland]
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 7827
Date:4 Feb 1966
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Community:9 Own, 3 Want
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AThe Wheels [Northern Ireland]Bad Little WomanArmstrong, Demick, Rosbotham, Catling, TinsleyScott, Solomon9.3  Rate
BThe Wheels [Northern Ireland]Road BlockArmstrong, Demick, Rosbotham, Catling, TinsleyScott, Solomon9.3  Rate


2nd Dec 2014
 £215 secured a win on ebay this week

28th Mar 2013
 Thanks budgycitygent and deltic , I've only seen a stock copy of this that a friend had and that played Roadblock. He did let me look at it from 10ft away.

10th Mar 2013
 yes my demo plays "call my name" on the b-side

9th Feb 2013
 For Wally24: The Demo certainly play's 'Call My Name' on the B side. I have never seen a stock copy that plays anything but 'Road Block', but then again not many stock copies show up to test play either way :-)

29th Aug 2012
 There's supposedly a mispressing that plays Call My Name on the b-side. Can anyone confirm this please ?

21st Jul 2012
 A (superior) demo version seems to have been used for the USA release on AURORA 157 and the band had to change the name to the Wheel-A-Ways


Brisbane 1960s archivists
21st Jul 2012

Brisbane 1960s archivists
21st Jul 2012

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