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Artist:The Boston Crabs
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 7830
Date:4 Feb 1966
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Community:11 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Boston CrabsYou Didn't Have To Be So NiceJohn Sebastian, Steve BooneArthur Greenslade7.0  Rate
BThe Boston CrabsGin HouseTroy, Henderson9.0  Rate


Comments and Reviews
21st Dec 2015
 Alternative Stock Copy A Side Label added (no reference to Arthur Greenslade as Musical Director).

29th Jun 2013

17th Jun 2013
 Also released in South Africa. Label info same as UK. Details, but no scan, added.

16th Jun 2013
 the composer credit for the b-side as given on the label is incorrect: it should have read "harry burke, poss. pseud. of james c. johnson" - there are two songs indifferently referred to as "gin house" & "gin house blues", and this is "the other one" - later a hit in a stunningly good arrangement by amen corner.
i'll have to unearth my copy of the boston crabs' version - iirc, it gives the b-side title as "gin house blues". (bicvwbw)

24th Jun 2011
 The Lovin' Spoonful were creating a fuss around this time so for their third and final single, Cambridge combo The Boston Crabs resorted to this cover job.

I personally much prefer the B side. Covered several times over the years, the Boston Crabs give it a slow moody reading. Lead vocalist Fred Driedlin gives a good performance here.

This appeared on the much loved mid 70's EMI compilation album "My Generation" which rounded up some rarer gems from the 60's. Interestingly, "Gin House" appeared in true stereo. That mix can be heard on the YouTube video.


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