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Record Details

Artist:Gerry And The Pacemakers
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 7835
Date:11 Feb 1966
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Community:10 Own
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AGerry And The PacemakersLa La LaMarsden3.8  Rate
BGerry And The PacemakersWithout YouMarsden2.5  Rate


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16th Jan 2015
 Not a bad song, maybe a bit outdated and the B-side a bit too much melodramatic, just a bit better production work could have helped here.

27th Oct 2012
 1963 isn't THAT bad.

27th Oct 2012

24th May 2012
 for biffbampow to enjoy over and over!

23rd Jun 2011
 This shows just how stuck in a rut Gerry and co had gotten. The Beatles' most recent single was Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out and the Rubber Soul album was raising eyebrows. The Swinging Blue Jeans had just released the sophisticated Don't Make Me Over, The Searchers were still ticking along about to lose Chris Curtis... Gerry and The Pacemakers end up releasing this single. You just know from the title alone it's not going to be good and they don't disappoint because it's utterly dire. It sounded like they still thought it was 1963, yet even if this was 1963, it still would had been a ghastly record. The only good thing about it is the intro which suggests maybe a tough piece of Rn'B to follow only to plunge into cliched cheesy banal antiquated pop drivel. No surprise this was not a hit. It was way out of date.

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