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Artist:Cliff Richard And The Shadows
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 7866
Date:18 Mar 1966
Chart Position:15
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Community:37 Own, 1 Wants
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ACliff Richard And The ShadowsBlue Turns To GreyRichard, Jagger9.3  Rate
BCliff Richard And The ShadowsSomebody LosesTepper, BennettRate


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Juke Jules
30th Jun 2011
 Good point VJ, who is this composer? Richard Phelge perhaps?

30th Jun 2011
 I like the way somebody switched the names in the credits to look like a cliff/mick collaboration!

I also really rate this track but I actually didn't know it at all until 45cat!

22nd Jun 2011
 :) And as just posted on "Throw Down A Line" I also rate those two songs as Cliff's best records of the 60's!

22nd Jun 2011

This track (Blue Turns To Grey) seems to be quite a favourite with fellow 45catters.

See various comments under Cliff And Hank - Throw Down A Line

22nd Jun 2011
 Much fuss and attention was made at the time about Cliff covering a Jagger, Richards song. It made for the combo's toughest sounding record in years and worked extremely well. A pity then when they had their reunion tour in recent years, they played virtually all their hits EXCEPT this one. Good record, very punchy.

Juke Jules
13th Apr 2011

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