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Record Details

Artist:The Shadows
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 8034
Date:28 Oct 1966
Chart Position:42
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Community:29 Own, 4 Want
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AThe ShadowsThe Dreams I DreamMarvin8.5  Rate
BThe ShadowsScotch On The SocksWelch, Marvin, Bennett, Rostill9.5  Rate


10th Jan 2014

17th Oct 2013
 found a copy on Tuesday in my local charity shop for 20p! only fair condition, but plays with no skips... it is a solid centre stock copy too, which needs to be scanned and put up with the demo and push out centre stock copy...

I've now got 3 copies!

10th Dec 2012
 The double B-side is sure to be tongue in cheek!

The reason this has such a high price tag is that "Scotch On The Socks" is a psych-type guitar instumental (sold mine for just over £30 some years ago).

7th Sep 2012

30th Jun 2011
 EVERY copy on ebay get's snapped up for silly money as well (for a Shadows single anyway)... if anyone comes across a cheap copy of this, I'd love one!

22nd Jun 2011
 Amusing to see the double B demo! Does this mean that they possibly considered this as a double A side since it was an effective enough single to be promoted as one? The A side was another of those charming vocal ballads but the B side is something else entirely, widely loved by DJ's being the grooviest rocker the band ever cut. John Rostill's bass work was outstanding, playing with an infectious funky groove making it one of the bands most memorable B sides of all. Always surprised Shadows haters when I've played "Scotch" to them.

27th May 2010
 The demo copy, as illustrated above and with typical Shadows' humour, was a double B side.

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