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Artist:Pretty Things
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 8353
Date:16 Feb 1968
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Community:26 Own, 5 Want
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APretty ThingsTalkin' About The Good TimesMay, Taylor, WallerNorman Smith9.4  Rate
BPretty ThingsWalking Through My DreamsMay, Taylor, Waller, John PoveyNorman Smith9.6  Rate


Record Mirror review Feb 17, 1968.


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7th Jun 2016
 used to see this often once, but now it's Psychedelic prowess is recognised

the A side is a masterpiece a bit Underground to be a hit. Very influenced by The Beatles psych sound

B side is more commercial perhaps, but a bit too "way out" for the Pop Market

18th Apr 2016

and let's not forget the excellent B-side;

2nd Sep 2014

20th Dec 2013
 I thought this single would have fared better than "Defecting Grey". As brilliant as "Defecting Grey" is, it was too complex for the average record-buying public, especially in a year when the charts were (for the most part) sodden with slushy ballads. "Defecting Grey" is the stuff brilliant album tracks are made of, rather than hit singles.

On the other hand, "Talking About The Good Times" had a far more commercial sound for 1968. It sounds like a cross between the "Sergeant Pepper"-era Beatles and the "Matchstick Men"-era Status Quo. The B-side is equally as good and could just as easily have been the A-side. I would have expected this one to be a minor hit (maybe in the 20s) with a UK sale of maybe 100,000.

4th Sep 2013
 Valued at £80 in the August 2013 edition (#417) of Record Collector

21st Jun 2011
 lol... yes 1968 was the "I'm Backing Britain" year!

21st Jun 2011
 Love the "I'm Backing Britain" sticker!
Who remembers this one?: 7N 17460

21st Jun 2011
 Absolutely brilliant, both sides being impressive prime slices of British psychedelia. The first results of new sessions underway at Abbey Road which was the start of the sessions for "SF Sorrow." This only sold around 3,000 copies worldwide... EMI were not really promoting the band well, so this was generally ignored and overlooked. Drummer Skip Alan quit the band the following month to be replaced by Twink for just over a year.

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