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Artist:The Dave Clark Five
Label:  Columbia
Catalogue:DB 8689
Date:Jun 1970
Chart Position:44
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Community:13 Own
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AThe Dave Clark FiveHere Comes SummerKellerDave Clark8.0  Rate
BThe Dave Clark FiveBreak Down And CryDave Clark, Mike SmithDave ClarkRate


Number: 1403092  (Main Image)
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Description: A side label

Number: 1403094 
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Description: B side label

Number: 1415442 
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Description: sheet music

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Description: B side solid centre

22nd Jun 2011
 As this single was charting, Dave Clark decided to disband The Dave Clark Five. By now, he and Mike Smith were working with Madeline Bell and session musicians on a venture that became Dave Clark and Friends and this is where things begin to get pretty complicated with future DC5 releases. Clark had a contract with EMI that was to expire in 1973, hence he had to keep giving them product to release. He had a stockpile of unreleased DC5 recordings to draw upon, all the while making new recordings with the Friends combo. So, future tracks credited to the DC5 were a mix of DC5 outtakes and new recordings by the Friends that were clearly not the DC5. Problem is, determining which are which, with even DC5 experts unable to determine the origins of some tracks, not helped by Clark reissuing them on iTunes credited to the DC5.

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