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Artist:David Bowie
Label:  EMI
Catalogue:DBSTAR 40
Date:21 Apr 2012
Format:Picture Disc
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:14 Own, 10 Want
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ADavid BowieStarman (Original Single Version)David BowieDavid Bowie, Ken ScottRate
BDavid BowieStarman (Top Of The Pops Version)David BowieDavid Bowie, Ken ScottRate


Record Store Day Release.
***40th Anniversary***


22nd Apr 2012
 I share your indifference to pic discs - TBH I was half hoping that the shop I went to had sold out of it, but once I saw they hadn't, my compulsion took over.

Mind you, I still have the dreaded Bowie Fashions set of picture discs that make me cringe every time I chance across them. I never learn

22nd Apr 2012
 The list from Reflex in Newcastle says 1000 copies (for UK?). It was still in stock when I was served... it's one that I'm kind of regretting not getting but I'm not a great fan of picture discs...

22nd Apr 2012
 The exact same release was available in the U.S.A. for record store day.

21st Apr 2012
 I thought the same about that stupid sticker. I'm going to gently peel mine back and restick the front bit behind the flap. Oddly enough I do actually want to play my copy. He he.

21st Apr 2012
 Interesting to see that they've described both sides as the 'A' Side on the sticker, whereas the RSD homepage describes the TOTP version as the B Side. Trivia, I know.

I got a copy from an archetypal 'small' shop - until 3 weeks ago, they operated out of a lock-up by some railway sidings. They had around 5copies I think.

Wish the sicker didn't cover the opening in the sleeve - I have a dilemma now - keep it Mint or play it?

Edit: Carnival Records, in Malvern

Billy Two
21st Apr 2012
 Probe, while undoubtedly a "proper" independent, is in fairness one of the bigger more well known ones, and is likely to have an account with distros such as Universal. My last statement was in regards to tiny one or two man operations, such as Edgeworld in Brighton, that last year was severley restricted in what it could order.

After 20 years sterling service, Edgeworld closed it's doors in March this year.

21st Apr 2012
 Except that - to be thoroughly pedantic about it - the label and the shop have been separate organisations for some years; although I think the label is still run from the same building.

21st Apr 2012

21st Apr 2012
 I used to shop at Probe many moons ago when I was a student in Liverpool. Great shop - delighted to hear it's still there! (sorry to go off topic there)

21st Apr 2012
 I got my copy from small independent shop...Probe Records in Liverpool

Paul Vinyl
21st Apr 2012
 Did HMV get any? I forgot to go there to look as I thought it was just small indie shops getting all the records.

Billy Two
21st Apr 2012
 Plenty of smaller, more properly independent record shops are not eligible to get items like these as they aren't served by major distributors. So only the bigger shops are able to profit from the higher profile RSD releases. Which maybe defeats the point of it all.

21st Apr 2012
 No clues from EMI here...

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