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Artist:Kool And The Gang
Label:  De-Lite
Catalogue:DEP 559
Date:Nov 1973
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Community:27 Own, 2 Want
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AKool And The GangJungle BoogieRonald Bell, Kool And The GangKool And The GangKool And The Gang9.5  Rate
BKool And The GangNorth, East, South, WestRick WestKool And The GangKool And The Gang8.0  Rate


BB Nov 24, 1973


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24th Jan 2015
 scans added (variant A/B sides - layout and typeface)

15th Aug 2014
  Starting with this release, Kool and the Gang began to regularly credit the principal songwriters individually in the writer credits as well as the band as a whole. Previously individual credit was given intermittently. Since their songs contained a lot of improvisation, the entire band received credit.

15th Aug 2014
 Original sheet music.

8th Jun 2012

Alan Phillips
3rd Mar 2012
 With a nod to Lugnut, cleaner image scans added

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