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Record Details

Artist:Kevin Rowland And Dexys Midnight Runners
Label:  Mercury
Catalogue:DEXYS 11
Date:Nov 1982
Chart Position:17
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:74 Own
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AKevin Rowland And Dexys Midnight RunnersLet's Get This Straight From The StartRowland, Adams, O'Hara8.0  Rate
BKevin Rowland And Dexys Midnight RunnersOldRowland, Paterson8.0  Rate


Original 1982 copies were available with a picture sleeve while the October 1984 re-release featured a Classic Cuts sleeve as it was part of Phonogram's Classic Cuts campaign.
Some copies in the 1984 campaign however still had original picture sleeves. All the 1984 pressings were silver inkjet moulded labels.


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16th Jan 2014
 Dead wax : Both sides "Damont" (Audio Ltd), A side only "Arun" (Chakraverty).

16th Jan 2014
 Both the green Picture Sleeve and the silver IEP shown state that "Rowland, Adams, O'Hara" are the co-composers of the A side, but my original green Pic Sleeve shows "Rowland, Paterson" instead.
Also, the front & back sleeves don't show "From The Start" in brackets but the records do..ie. "Let's Get This Straight (From The Start)".

18th Dec 2013

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