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Artist:Dexys Midnight Runners And The Emerald Express
Label:  Mercury
Catalogue:DEXYS 9 / 6059551
Date:Jul 1982
Chart Position:1
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Community:118 Own, 3 Want
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ADexys Midnight Runners And The Emerald ExpressCome On EileenRowland, Paterson, Adams, BillinghamClive Langer, Alan Winstanley8.9  Rate
BDexys Midnight Runners And The Emerald ExpressDubiousRowland, PatersonClive Langer, Alan Winstanley7.8  Rate


Original 1982 copies were available with a picture sleeve while the October 1984 re-release featured a Classic Cuts sleeve as it was part of Phonogram's Classic Cuts campaign.
Some copies in the 1984 campaign however still had original picture sleeves. All the 1984 pressings were silver inkjet moulded labels.


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11th Dec 2014

28th Dec 2012

30th Oct 2010
 Since everyone's listing their first injection moulded labels, here are mine! I was only born in 1979 though... and this was actually my brother's.

Anyway, I think these Mercury labels were later in the run and only came in the red and black phonogram bags (this one did and the only other ones I've seen were also in company bags). I think this one came from a supermarket that usually sold ex jukebox singles... perhaps they over-pressed and sold them off cheap...?

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