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Artist:Mantovani And His Orchestra
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:DFE 6148 / DFE.6148
Title:Mantovani's Big Four
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Community:30 Own, 1 Wants
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A1Mantovani And His OrchestraMoulin Rouge ThemeAuric5.0  Rate
A2Mantovani And His OrchestraCharmaineRapee, Pollack5.0  Rate
B1Mantovani And His OrchestraSwedish RhapsodyAlfven6.0  Rate
B2Mantovani And His OrchestraSome Enchanted EveningRodgers, Hammerstein5.0  Rate


Originally published 1954/5 with a two colour sleeve, and a tri-centre disc.

Later photo sleeve shown, and tax code of K/T puts that pressing at post July 1963.

some copies as DFE.6148


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30th Dec 2012
 And B1 is my favourite version of that tune!

30th Dec 2012
 Two of my favourites of his on the 'A' side.

30th Dec 2012
 Added a "Greetings" card cover. It is a pocket sleeve with the greetings pic on the flap, the info inside the gatefold, and yet another variation of the photo picture cover on the back.
Ivor's greeting from Bernard dates it to 1960. The labels are as images 248431/2.

15th Aug 2012
 Added scans of a July 1958 pressing. Sleeve has yellow title strip, and "J.P.58.7." code at bottom right; labels are tri-centres with "Side 1" and "Side 2" at left instead of next to title.

13th Apr 2012
 He looks like Eamonn Andrews!

Dr Doom
18th Nov 2011
 We had this record in the database twice, both entries with lot's of sets of images so some folks may want to click on I own again. I kept the record that was entered into the database first and deleted the duplicate as that seemed the fairest way.

As we can see this was kept on catalogue for a long time and there are numerous sleeve and label varitaions. I've put them in roughly the correct order but if someone knows for sure (and cares!) then feel free to correct.

: )

13th Sep 2010
 He has a massive head

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