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Artist:Chris Barber's Jazz Band
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:DFE 6344
Title:At The Royal Festival Hall No. 2
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A1Chris Barber's Jazz BandStoryville BluesStorey, SandoleRate
A2Chris Barber's Jazz BandIt's Tight Like ThatDorsey, WhitakerRate
B1Chris Barber's Jazz BandIce CreamJohnson, Moll, KingRate
B2Chris Barber's Jazz BandOh, Didn't He RambleHandyRate


Recorded under the auspices of the National Jazz Federation, at the first British Jazz Festival on 30 October 1954.
Line up:Chris Barber (Trombone and Vocals), Pat Halcox (Coronet and Vocals), Monty Sunshine (Clarinet and Vocals), Lonnie Donegan (Banjo), Jim Bray (Bass and Tuba), Ron Bowden (Drums)

Although not credited, all tracks were produced by Joe Meek.


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10th Sep 2013
 Added 57 sleeve.

26th May 2013
 Later small font labels uploaded

15th Mar 2012
 Just got the 1956 pressing at Age UK Shop for £1. Another interesting source of 45s. Images uploaded.

5th Feb 2011
 Thanks KeithS but I have all I need to know about Joe Meek - all I ask is what evidence there was to assert that he engineered the RFH Concert for Decca in 1954 when he was not, as stated, credited.

5th Feb 2011
 I found this about Joe's early days

"Although Joe had begun working as engineer at IBC studios in 1955, because he loved to tinker with sound, since childhood he had been cobbling together various electronic odd bits in his granny's shed. At IBC, Joe engineered radio shows for the likes of Radio Luxemburg as well as records for artists like Gary Miller. Joe was so adept at sound balancing, that in April of 1956 he was tasked with not only recording but also producing a new release, Bad Penny Blues, by jazz artist Humphrey Lyttleton."


5th Feb 2011
 Joe Meek in the 50s was a balance engineer (not a producer) whose job would have been to balance the recording session - live or in a studio.
The LP from which the EP was taken was Decca LK 4088 from April 1955 as per the original LP sleeve which I also have.

5th Feb 2011
 The record is from 1956..two years after the concert

5th Feb 2011
 1954 is very early for a Joe Meek engineering effort at a Decca label live concert. Do you have any evidence of this please, alexbalmforth?

5th Feb 2011
 Got these on the Decca LP.

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