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Artist:The Rolling Stones
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:DFE 8560
Date:10 Jan 1964
Title:The Rolling Stones
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Community:127 Own, 2 Want
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A1The Rolling StonesBye Bye JohnnyBerry9.5  Rate
A2The Rolling StonesMoneyGordy Jr., Bradford9.5  Rate
B1The Rolling StonesYou Better Move OnAlexander7.7  Rate
B2The Rolling StonesPoison IvyLeiber, Stoller8.5  Rate


Initially with arched Decca logo, later with boxed Decca logo.


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My Friend Jack
12th Dec 2015
 Appeared on four of the UK's singles charts, reaching the following peak positions:-
NME: #15
Melody Maker: #20
Pop Weekly: #20
Disc & Music Echo: #18

21st Jun 2015
 Added another set of alternate label images. These came with the 1964 MacNeill Press sleeve.

Oakley Boys
31st May 2014
 Could this be just a printing error where the yellow has been missed?

30th May 2014
 Hi Guy's, Further to my earlier enquiry I have noticed that the one that is missing the "THE ROLLING STONES" title was printed by West Brothers Printers, Mitcham, Surrey. and the one that appears the normal type of cover was printed by MacNeill Press, London, SE1. I Hope this helps any forthcoming answers. John

30th May 2014
 Hi, Can someone help me with a query about The E.P DFE 8560. I have 2 copies one "normal" to look at and one without the "THE ROLLING STONES" Title on the front , everything else appears the same as the other one except for the omission of the The rolling stones title on the front, is this a mis-print or is this just another variation. Thank you Snooky999

27th Sep 2013
 Added yet another boxed label variation, without the "Extended Play" wording. Cover is the same as the shown 1972 issue.

3rd Jun 2013
I've got one of these with a MT tax code on the labels. Is it very common?
Thanks in advance.

13th Jul 2011

16th Apr 2011
 47 years later, finally purchased this today. In great nick for £7.99.
MacNeill Press sleeve and slightly different print layout on labels.
Will contribute scans in the future, when able to do so.

Meantime enjoying the sleeve notes, particularly the last paragraph.

"Whichever way the present musical trends develop the Stones are likely to stay in there swinging at the top with their uniquely refreshing contribution to popular music"

Very 1964ish.

31st Aug 2010
 Uploaded box-logo labels from '72-'73, A & B sides mis-labelled side 1 & 2 on incorrect side, also back cover with hidden folds, (front is identical to earlier issues).............BEATLEJOHN

23rd Aug 2010
 The West Bros cover and same record as shown was also sold late 64 in Denmark.
There seems to be 3 colourvariations of the Stones title on the frontcover.

Can anybody enlighten me of the NCB BIEM box on the label. Deram also has the same. Possibly smae pressing plant/ownership? I pressume these pressings are what you call export issues. Decca didn´t seem to have had a pressing plant in Scandinavia at this time, but I find it hard to believe that English pressing plants could supply the whole of Europe. Any form of matrix coding on the Decca 60´s releases perhaps like land codes later on?

22nd Aug 2010
 Dutch Ep with import Sleeve DFE 8560
The Ep was released with dutch vinyl in october 1964.
Much later than the English release.

Wich is the oldest sleeve ?
West Brook or MacNiel Press.

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