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Artist:Gerard Hoffnung
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:DFE 8682
Title:Hoffnung At The Oxford Union
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Community:19 Own, 1 Wants
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A1Gerard HoffnungThe BricklayerHoffnung10.0  Rate
B1Gerard HoffnungFrench WidowsHoffnung9.0  Rate
B2Gerard HoffnungAdvice For TouristsHoffnung9.0  Rate


Picture sleeve. All tracks recorded in co-operation with the BBC on 4 December 1958.


2nd Mar 2013
 And just to complete the suite here is advice for tourists and French widows - great stuff!

10th Apr 2012

The Toad
10th Apr 2012
 The Decca catalogue confirms 1968 and gives the month as December.

9th Apr 2012
 I've changed the release date to 1968.

9th Apr 2012
 Superb comedy!

8th Apr 2012
 I only have to hear the name Hoffnung and my mind echoes with what always sounded like port-laden, imperious tones announcing: "I was now heavier than the barrel !".

8th Apr 2012
 If you look at the back cover, the year of release is given as 1968 - something which the boxed logo Decca labels also confirm. The copyright date of 1960 must refer to first release on LP.

8th Apr 2012
 I do too, a brilliant LP, on a par with Shelley Berman's LPs, comic genius

1st Nov 2011
 I have the original 10" LP...

7th Aug 2010
 Sadly I can't find a version of The Bricklayer in full on the web. It is a very funny story delivered by Hoffnung, a pure genius raconteur. This brings back huge memories of my father and life as a child in the early 60s. This was Father's party piece - he could recite it in a similar manner to Hoffnung.

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