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Artist:Thin Lizzie
Label:  Parlophone
Catalogue:DIP 513
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Community:6 Own, 8 Want
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AThin LizzieThe FarmerPhil LynottRate
BThin LizzieI Need YouJohn DardisRate


This is the first single by Thin Lizzy only issued in Ireland.There were only 500 copies pressed and is regarded as the Holy Grail for any Thin Lizzy collector.


4th Jun 2014
 The fake promo was just a picture that was made in a computer as a funny present to a former Lizzycollector.

31st Jan 2014
 The last time this appeared as a bootleg it actually had a solid centre yet a few people were silly enough to fall for it thinking it was an original.

31st Jan 2014
 They couldn't even be bothered to match the original typeface.

31st Jan 2014
 Hi Twerptwo
I don't collect Lizzy as such but I can back up Tom and confirm for you that promo is a bootleg, a close up inspection shows up a metal acetate band on the inside of the center hole, so its an acetate with a label pasted on, the label itself is flat with the push out/ prong outline is just printed solid black instead of being a real push out cut into the plastic. It looks remarkably like the 2nd series of freakbeat bootlegs pressed and sold on ebay of other famous rarieties.

Mods the demo image needs moving to a new bootleg entry?

31st Jan 2014
 You just might get some silly collector who would believe it was a genuine promo.

31st Jan 2014
 There is no such thing as an Irish Pressed Promo on Parlophone that cannot be made any clearer.That scan is a fake and no doubt some enterprising bootlegger has it on hand and no doubt as a Lizzy collector myself I might have to add it to my collection. I use the word infamous for the simple reason it would cost a four figure sum to get a copy these days and that's assuming you can find a copy in any decent condition.What next Beatles Irish Promos ?

8th Jan 2014
 I have seen this fake label so I assume someone has this in the pipeline for a bootleg release.Be aware of the following there is no such thing as a Parlophone Promo Pressed in Ireland.This record was an Irish only release as the DIP series was confined to Ireland so it is not possible for it to exist as a Promo.

17th Feb 2011
 According to legend, this sold 273 copies...and the rest were recycled! Anyone got a time machine?!

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Thin Lizzy: Printing Errors
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