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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Vee Jay
Catalogue:DJ No. 8
Date:Feb 1964
Format:Promo Only 7"
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Community:1 Owns, 1 Wants
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AThe BeatlesAsk Me WhyJ. Lennon, P. McCartney8.0  Rate
BThe BeatlesAnnaAlexander10.0  Rate


Promo only single released to promote the Vee-Jay EP Souvenir Of Their Visit To America.


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29th Mar 2012
 Bob, I'm visiting the same person on Easter Saturday (day before Easter), I'll take a few photos to make sure I've got the info correct (Hey.. I'm over 50 and the mind plays tricks!)...he also has a few copies (various versions) so I might have something mixed up (possibly the cover info)...but I know for sure it was stereo with LMD/PSILY labels Oval logo and plays PPM/AMW......Let me be sure...(he's also the fellow with a stock Goversville copy of "you know what")...John

29th Mar 2012
 Here's a Webpage I've constructed with a very interesting story about the existance of this ultra-rare promo 45.

29th Mar 2012
 John, does that "Introducing..." cover list the version one songs on the back? The only known copies of that white "Stereo" sticker have been found on version 2 mono covers. Most, nearly all, true Stereo first version "Column-Back" covers have been counterfeit. All three of the confirmed stereo version one LP labels have the "VeeJay" oval logo. The one you are describing is the "12-O'Clock" version because the word "Stereo" is at the very top of the label. The other two known examples have "Stereo" at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock respectively. The oddity that you have version one labels on your version 2 vinyl, although not common, is not surprising. There are many cases of what you are describing and have been documented over the years. I would really enjoy seeing pictures of this set and discussing it further, but I think this should happen in private. I would love to share some great Beatle stories with someone who has the same passion as I do. Feel free to email me, bob at gizmobob dot com. Bob

28th Mar 2012
 Gizmobob, (....and I know I'm dipping into the LP world!) ..... one of the rarest things I know of is (and my friend has one!) a STEREO copy of "Introducing" first version/column back with white stereo sticker on mono front cover (stereo banner folded underneath rear slick)--disc has colorband label silver stereo over Oval logo (not brackets!) "Love Me Do"-"P.S. I Love You" on labels...but it plays "Please, Please Me" - "Ask Me Why"! (true stereo)..(not in Spizer) seen and heard it with my own eyes and ears....asked him if he possibly changed covers over time..he doesn't remember doing so......John

28th Mar 2012
 After reading up on this release, according to the trail-off marking and master/job numbers, it appears to have possibly been pressed in late January, or early February 1964, which would not be affiliated with the March 23rd release of the EP, Souvenir Of Their Visit To America. It is the belief of a few Beatle experts that this was a very limited Monarch pressing for a select few West Coast local DJs to test the reception of the next possible VJ single. Instead, they released VJ 587 and moved these two songs to their only EP, Souvenir Of Their Visit To America. Both the EP and VJ 587 single were released on the same day.

Lastly, the extremely rare, Promo Picture Sleeve, mentioned by BEATLEJOHN, is believe to have been released in extremely small numbers in the Summer of 1964 with the second pressing of the Promo EP. This is evident by the matching catalog number, EP-1903 on the 45 and EP1-903 on the Picture Sleeve. Not to mention that the actual "EP" is mentioned on the front of the one-sided sleeve. To date, approximately only 8 copies of this Picture Sleeve have been confirm to exist, making this the rarest Beatles' Picture Sleeve in the USA.

21st Feb 2012
 Okay. No problem.

21st Feb 2012
 JPGR&B, had to modify this, it's actually a two-sided record..
...the DJ sleeve goes with the E.P. (which in itself is rare ...the DJ sleeve that is)...John

16th Dec 2011
 Sorry about the poor quality image of the 45.

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