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Artist:Elton John
Label:  DJM
Catalogue:DJS 10908
Date:Sep 1978
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Community:9 Own
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AElton JohnCandle In The WindJohn, TaupinGus Dudgeon4.0  Rate
BElton JohnI Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)John, TaupinGus DudgeonRate


A release date of 6 Oct 1978 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 744


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Record Collector
27th Sep 2014
 here in Australia DJM was distributed by festival records when Rocket made its launched in 1976 (yes I know) first it was distributed by EMI Australia then polygram later on

27th Sep 2014
 Rocket was distributed by Island initially, then it went to EMI. At the time that DJM put this out, Rocket was moving from EMI to Phonogram (later Polygram).

27th Sep 2014
 In the UK, what label was associated with Rocket? It was MCA in the USA.
Also on the Polygram Collectables singles there are tracks on those that were on Geffen.

27th Sep 2014
  When Elton left DJM in 1976 I don't think he had rights to all his material at the time, although he eventually did get them. DJM kept releasing singles and albums by Elton for a few years after he left the label. In the US, after Elton left MCA for Geffen, MCA still kept his pre-1981 albums in print throughout the 80s, and they didn't switch to Polydor until like 1990. So he may not have acquired the recordings until the late 80s.

26th Sep 2014
 I thought Elton was one of those artists, like Paul McCartney or Paul Simon who owned their master recordings and could take them to whatever label they pleased. Macca having his material on Columbia (originally Apple) and Simon having his material on Warner Brothers when he went there ( I have a Paul Simon track on WB that was originally on Columbia).
Technically, in the USA, Elton never left MCA since MCA put out his Rocket label. But when he moved over to Polygram, all his old material went there and was no longer on MCA. That's why Collectables in the USA has reissued his tracks on 45 through their Polygram Special Products label series. And it's on this series where the USA finally got the studio version of "Candle In the Wind" on a 45. That's a track I was really surprised to see on a USA single.

26th Sep 2014
  If you're referring to the DJM UK 1978 releases, it is because Elton's contract with DJM was up and he elected to record for his own Rocket Records. DJM still had rights to all his old releases and elected to issue these. In the US, he was still under contract to MCA who decided not to do this.

If you mean why "Candle" wasn't released as a single in 1974 in the US, I've heard several stories about that, not all of them mutually exclusive. They include MCA didn't think "Candle" would be a hit with US audiences. Elton thought that the single's B-Side "Bennie" wasn't hit material at all, so "Harmony" was issued with "Bennie", with the expectation that it would be the US Hit. While Harmony got a lot of airplay, "Bennie" was the more popular track. Wikipedia gives the story that "Bennie" was an album track hit long before it was issued as a single, but that doesn't explain why "Harmony" replaced "Candle" as the US B-Side. I'm sure the truth is in there somewhere and someone here probably knows the full story.

26th Sep 2014
 Wasn't the A-side here originally released in 1973 as an LP track? I wonder why MCA didn't release the studio version originally as a single and that Collectables finally did?

7th Sep 2014
 I wonder why the A-side here wasn't originally released as a USA 45? It finally appeared as a USA single on Collectables.

22nd Sep 2013
 I think that the original version of " Candle In The Wind " , from 1978 , is quite good. However , I much prefer the up-dated version , " Candle In The Wind 1997 " , mainly because , in my opinion , the lyrics are better written and the late Princess Diana is a more interesting subject than the late Marilyn Monroe.

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