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Label:  DJM
Catalogue:DJS 206
Date:23 May 1969
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:3 Own, 1 Wants
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AFluffHolly GolightlyGordon GrayDennis BergerRate
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Record Mirror review May 31, 1969.


10th Aug 2013
 They are the same scans on "Make believe" and this one. The 4 prongs are in the same place on both discs and the reflection and creases on the centre piece of "Make Believe" are identical too.

Col Wolfe
9th Aug 2013
 Oh, that's weird as the marks/indentations/signs of wear match my 'Holly Go Lightly' and 'Make Believe' scans uploaded on this site exactly!

9th Aug 2013
 Col. No, not nicked from this site. I wrote the piece and scanned my copies / photos / leaflet for the site. Incidentally the LP mentioned right at the end of that piece is being issued on CD by Angel Air Records in a couple of weeks time. And the CD compilation linked to this entry includes a non-authorised use of Holly Golightly, in other words it's been bootlegged.

Col Wolfe
8th Aug 2013
 Looks like they've nicked our scans for their feature

8th Aug 2013
 A pretty exhaustive story of this Shropshire band here

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