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Record Details

Artist:Elton John
Label:  DJM
Catalogue:DJS 275
Date:Jan 1973
Chart Position:4
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Community:66 Own, 1 Wants
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AElton JohnDanielE. John, B. TaupinGus Dudgeon8.3  Rate
BElton JohnSkyline PigeonE. John, B. TaupinGus Dudgeon8.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 459


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Thin Yoghurt
26th May 2014
 Deadwax message 'A' side - "TO D.L.T FROM RAY + BOB"

10th Mar 2013
 My guess for the release date would be January 12th, although I might be wrong. However, it was not later than that.

9th Jan 2013
 Spot on, London W4. I've deleted the day but left the month as January. I don't bother entering the release day anymore as my experience is that many of the dates are notoriously out by a week or two and distribution can be delayed for all sorts of reasons.

8th Jan 2013
 The 'Official' Chart Company's website tells us this single entered their TOP 40 (!) at Number 38, week ending 20th January 1973. The above release date, currently showing as 26th January, is maybe a later date, for Record Company admin. purposes??? Can't think what else it could be, other than perhaps a simple error. To have an ACTUAL release date, BEFORE the date of Chart Entry for this single, would be really useful.

13th Oct 2012
 My karaoke version takes some beating!

13th Oct 2012
 I prefer Guy Darrell's single version of skyline pigeon - I may be alone in this, though.

7th Oct 2010
  The B-side (Skyline Pigeon) is a re-recording, the first version appeared on his first LP "Empty Sky".

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