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Record Details

Artist:Cat Stevens
Label:  Deram
Catalogue:DM 110
Date:Dec 1966
Chart Position:2
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Community:77 Own, 1 Wants
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ACat StevensMatthew And SonStevensMike HurstAlan Tew9.8  Rate
BCat StevensGrannyStevensMike HurstAlan Tew6.0  Rate


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28th Apr 2013
 Wow!....nobody "important" liked it with that great "piano-hook" intro....?!?!...John

28th Apr 2013
 Mike Hurst recorded a demo version of "Matthew and Son" with only Cat Stevens on guitar. Hurst took the demo to Tony Hall, head of promotion at Decca. Hearing the song, Hall didn't like it at all. Hurst went ahead and recorded it with approximately 25 musicians but still nobody at Decca liked it. However, it was released and Mike Hurst took the first promotional copy to Allan Keen at Radio London as Keen had been helpful to promote Cat's first single, "I Like My Dog". Allan Keen didn't like it either but agreed to play it for a week to give it a chance to catch on. That week, while Cat was recording for the Pop Inn show at the BBC's Paris Studio in Lower Regent Street, Tony Hall came rushing in exclaiming that "Matthew and Son" had sold 30,000 copies in one day. It eventually reached number two, only being kept off the top spot by The Monkees' "I'm a Believer" and became Cat Stevens' highest charting record in the UK..

17th Mar 2013

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