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Record Details

Artist:The Flower Pot Men
Label:  Deram
Catalogue:DM 142
Date:4 Aug 1967
Chart Position:4
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Community:78 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Flower Pot MenLet's Go To San Francisco (Part 1)Carter, LewisJohn Carter, Ken LewisJohn Carter, Ken Lewis9.1  Rate
BThe Flower Pot MenLet's Go To San Francisco (Part 2)Carter, LewisJohn Carter, Ken LewisJohn Carter, Ken Lewis10.0  Rate


Some labels credit the (grammatically wrong) title Lets Go To San Francisco


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17th Jun 2013
 A & B SIdes of the Demo scanned in. Note the first word of the title "Lets" not "Let's"

18th Apr 2012
 Let's Go To Romford?

2nd Dec 2011

Next to Scott McKenzie’s San Francisco, The Flower Pot Men’s harmony-drenched Let’s Go To San Francisco was the UK’s biggest West Coast-inspired hit of 1967. Their prime movers, John Carter and Ken Lewis, had been the core of The Ivy League, who scored with 1965’s Funny How Love Can Be. As in-demand harmony vocalists, they also sang in sessions – it’s them on The Who’s I Can’t Explain.

Lifted from Mojo Magazine's web pages.


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