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Artist:The Moody Blues
Label:  Deram
Catalogue:DM 196
Date:28 Jun 1968
Chart Position:27
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Community:34 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Moody BluesVoices In The SkyHaywardTony Clarke8.7  Rate
BThe Moody BluesDr. Livingstone, I PresumeThomasTony Clarke7.0  Rate


12th Sep 2015
 Whyperion - As you likely know, those DSS promos were mainly for Orchestra music (proper worthy music Decca concluded than that for pop). Moodies fell into this cagegory accidentally. The story is well documented.
Its ironic that the promos are indeed mono, what a way to enjoy DSS?

15th Aug 2015

15th Aug 2015
 ZZ, this promo is one of the samplers for the LP, and mentions the 'Deramic' Sound System that Decca had 'invented' and appears one of the few 7"s to mention this, most of the other promos on Deram singles were the plain blue ones.

Played on SOTS this morning.

27th Jun 2011
 Two brilliant tracks from the VERY brilliant album In Search Of The Lost Chord (that's what I'm listening to as I write this).

It deserved to go higher in the charts than 27, but then again, the album is so brilliant that people understandably bought that, and therefore didn't feel the need to have this single in their collections.

I notice from the matrix numbers that the two tracks were recorded at slightly different times. I think in this case it's because they recorded one track at a time, spending hours making sure each one sounded perfect, rather than banging out three or four tracks in one session.

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